Document Management systems involve a set of business processes and technologies for managing the “document lifecycle”, i.e., the creation, approval, use, retrieval, revision, archival and disposal of documents. This software organizes document production, accessibility and distribution, as well as tools for overseeing document workflow. Document Management differs from Enterprise Content Management as it focuses completely on the status of documents and collaborating to create new documents.

As document management systems evolve and develop, the focus becomes further on the collaboration and workflow aspects. These systems are more than just storage solutions but are very focused on the creation of new documents. Once these documents have been created they can be tagged utilizing internal metadata and taxonomies. Document management software typically also includes the ability to perform full-text searches on stored documents.

Business Value

The value of document management comes from building a connected system of documents that can be collaborated on and found easily. Iknow can manage all aspects of the document management system from initial requirements gathering, to creation of document templates, to design of production workflow, to system deployment. When installing new document management systems, Iknow brings experience in change management and business process redesign to ensure that the new system is not only implemented within the technology but also within the culture of the organization.

Iknow has experience in building the soft technologies that are necessary as a backbone to document management software, including large taxonomies and metadata. We ensure that the business process is redesigned to ensure that they can easily fit within the current daily work processes. We have completed projects handling document management systems of all sizes, allowing for real-time access to digital forms of paper-based documents, for access to documents 24/7 and across multiple locations.

Iknow has also built custom connectors between document management systems and enterprise search, enterprise content management, and digital asset management systems.

Product Landscape

The document management product landscape is complex and includes the following products. Iknow can help you evaluate and select the right software product to help you achieve your business objectives.

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Company Name Product Name Type
Accenture ALIP Commercial
Alfresco Alfresco Digital Business Platform Commercial
Alfresco Alfresco Content Services Commercial
Alfresco Alfresco Community Edition Open Source
DocuWare DocuWare Platform Commercial
eFileCabinet eFileCabinet Commercial
Everteam Electronic Document Management System (EDMS) Commercial
Fabasoft Fabasoft Folio Commercial
Fabasoft Fabasoft Cloud Commercial
Hyland Perceptive Content Commercial
Hyland OnBase Commercial
IBM IBM Content Foundation Commercial
IBM IBM FileNet Content Manager Commercial
iManage iManage Work 10 Commercial
Laserfiche Laserfiche Document Management System Commercial
M-Files M-Files Intelligent Information Management Commercial
Microsoft Office 365 Commercial
Microsoft SharePoint Online Commercial
Microsoft SharePoint Commercial
Newgen Software OmniDocs Document Management Commercial
Newgen Software OmiDocs Commercial
Nuxeo Nuxeo Content Services Platform Open Source
Objective Objective ECM Commercial
Objective Objective Keystone Commercial
Objective Objective Inform Commercial
OpenText OpenText eDOCS Commercial
OpenText OpentText Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Software Commercial
OpenText OpenText Documentum Platform Commercial
OpenText OpenText Content Suite Platform Commercial
Oracle WebCenter Content Commercial
SER Group Doxis4 iECM Suite Commercial
Siav Archiflow Commercial
SpringCM SpringCM Document Management Commercial
Xerox DocuShare Flex Commercial
Xerox DocuShare Commercial