External Content Strategy, Sourcing, and Rights Management

What We Do

Iknow offers a full set of services to help organizations evaluate, acquire, and manage their external content sources.

In many organizations, spending on external content has grown over time and the number and types of sources may not align with their current business needs. Iknow can help organizations that already purchase external content rationalize the sources. Minimizing duplication, maximizing coverage, evaluating source credibility, reviewing contracts, and negotiating pricing and terms are all Iknow core competencies. For companies that do not have an external content strategy, Iknow can help define external content requirements and identify and evaluate new content sources.

Iknow can also assist in the design and implementation of new business processes for acquiring and ingesting this content and for ensuring that the content travels efficiently within the organization to support management decision making.

Iknow is content-vendor agnostic, thereby ensuring that our clients get the best content sources to meet their needs.


Iknow offers a full suite of services around external content acquisition, rationalization, and maintenance, including:

  • External content strategy.
  • Source identification—finding and evaluating new sources of content.
  • Source rationalization—helping organizations optimize their spending on the “right” content sources.
  • Contract negotiation—helping you get the best prices and contract terms.
  • Business process design/redesign and optimization. Making sure the content reaches and is used by decision makers.
  • Implementation assistance.
Business Value

Making sure you have the right flow of external information into your organization is critical to success. Too much and you become paralyzed (and waste resources); too little and you make uninformed decisions.

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