Enterprise Content Management


Nearly all knowledge management projects involve Enterprise Content Management systems at some level—they represent a core platform for content creation, sharing, and administration. The importance comes from the fact that ECM is most often the best way to integrate all the various content sources within the company. Getting a handle on ECM first involves identifying all the processes within the enterprise where content is created, edited, stored, and distributed. Below the enterprise level, there is a need for group, division, business unit, and department-level content management solutions to address specific business requirements.

The five main components of any ECM system are capture, manage, store, preserve and deliver. Each of these can be broken into separate components or can be used in any combination, depending upon the needs of the company. Many ECMs focus on one or two of these more considerably than the others, but each has a bit of each of these parts. The capture component involves converting information from paper documents into an electronic format through scanning. The management component involves document, records, web content and collaboration management. Store components temporarily store information that isn't required, desired, or ready for long-term storage. Preservation involves the long-term, safe storage, destruction of documents based on time-frames and backup of static unchanging information. The deliver components of ECM presents information from manage, store, and preserve components; the component can be in the form of visualization, or a Portal tool.

Business Value

Content management systems support key business processes and functions, such as helping market and sell products and services, supporting existing customers, supporting sales channels, and helping educate customers, employees, and business partners. Iknow’s experience as business leaders helps us to create the business cases that justify the overarching investments in content management. These investments lower content processing costs, shorten business process cycle times, create higher quality outputs, and increase collaboration and sharing. Iknow has the experience optimizing the process of capturing, storing, finding, and reusing an organization's intellectual assets and by automating the content formatting and publication process to multiple delivery channels, including print, web, cell phones, handheld tablets and wireless devices, and syndication (RSS).

Iknow has experience in all aspects of Enterprise Content Management systems from initial requirements gathering, to the design and implementation of the software. For each company, the use of content management will be different, whether it tends towards document management, records management, digital asset management, or, more likely, some combination. Iknow takes into account the balance of where and in what in form the company has the information.

Product Landscape

The enterprise content management product landscape is complex and includes the following products. Iknow can help you evaluate and select the right software product to help you achieve your business objectives.

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Company Name Product Name Type
Alfresco Alfresco Digital Business Platform Commercial
Alfresco Alfresco Community Edition Open Source
Alfresco Alfresco Content Services Commercial
Amazon Amazon Web Services Commercial
Amazon Amazon Mechanical Turk Commercial
Box Box for Business Commercial
Bridgeline Digital Bridgeline Content Manager Commercial
Celum CELUM DAM Suite Commercial
censhare censhare Digital Experience Platform Commercial
Crafter Software Crafter CMS Enterprise Commercial
DocuWare DocuWare Platform Commercial
Dow Jones Factiva
e-Spirit First Spirit Commercial
Equilibrium MediaRich ECM Commercial
Escenic Escenic CMS Commercial
Everteam Electronic Document Management System (EDMS) Commercial
eZ eZ Platform Enterprise Edition Commercial
Fabasoft Fabasoft Folio Commercial
Fabasoft Fabasoft Cloud Commercial
Hyland OnBase Commercial
Hyland Perceptive Content Commercial
IBM IBM Content Foundation Commercial
IBM IBM Content Manager Enterprise Edition on Cloud Commercial
IBM IBM FileNet Content Manager Commercial
Ingeniux Ingeniux CMS Commercial
M-Files M-Files Intelligent Information Management Commercial
Micro Focus Micro Focus Content Manager Commercial
Microsoft Office 365 Commercial
Microsoft SharePoint Online Commercial
Microsoft SharePoint Commercial
Naseej Campus Management Solutions Commercial
Naseej Enterprise Portal Solutions and eServices Commercial
Newgen Software OmiDocs Commercial
Nuxeo Nuxeo Content Services Platform Open Source
Objective Objective ECM Commercial
OpenText OpenText Documentum Platform Commercial
OpenText OpenText Content Suite Platform Commercial
OpenText OpenText Extended ECM Platform Commercial
OpenText OpenText eDOCS Commercial
OpenText OpenText ECM in the Cloud Commercial
OpenText OpentText Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Software Commercial
Oracle WebCenter Content Commercial
Percussion Percussion CM1 Cloud Commercial
Plone Plone Open Source
SER Group Doxis4 iECM Suite Commercial
Systemware Systemware Content Cloud Commercial
Upland Software FileBound Commercial
Upland Software RightAnswers Commercial
Vanguard Systems Vanguard ECM Commercial
Vision Information Transaction AG Picturepark Content Platform Commercial
WAVE Corporation MediaBank Commercial
Xerox DocuShare Commercial
Xerox DocuShare Flex Commercial
Xillio Xillio Content Migration Commercial
Xillio Xillio Content Integration Commercial
Xillio Xillio Orchestrate Translation Commercial