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Linz, Upper Austria

Fabasoft is a European software manufacturer and provider of cloud services for the digital control of documents as well as electronic document, process, and records management.

Product Overview

Fabasoft eGov-Suite

Fabasoft eGov-Suite is a proven product in a wide range of European countries and a leading product in the German-speaking-region for electronic records management in the public sector and thus constitutes the basis for electronic administrative work. Documents are collated, processed, comprehensively documented, and stored so that they are audit-proof, and forwarded using workflows. There are expansions available for Microsoft Office applications (e.g. Microsoft Word, Microsoft Outlook) that enable, for example, electronic records management functions such as signatures or decrees without the need to change context. Fabasoft eGov-Suite also fulfils the high accessibility standards. The product is used to increase the speed, efficiency and transparency of administrative processes in central administrations, and regional and local authorities. Fabasoft eGov-Suite is the backbone of citizen-oriented e-government processes. The product is based on international standards and has been evaluated and certified by administrative authorities in Europe.

Fabasoft Cloud

The Fabasoft Cloud lets you digitize your internal and external business processes, the know-how of your employees, as well as your documents in agile cooperation with your partners and customers. This ensures that your know-how is used effectively within your company and on mobile devices while it remains protected.

  • Collaboration. Including external persons into your extended digital organization and synchronising, sharing, and concurrently editing documents in a safe, agile and traceable manner.
  • Business process management. Boundless digital records management with automated business processes – on any platform, flexible and easily configurable with a graphical BPMN 2.0 editor.
  • Compliance management. Full traceability and uncompromising compliance with guidelines through continuous versioning of documents and revision-safe archiving certified according to IDW PS 880.
Fabasoft Folio

Fabasoft Folio takes care of the consistent, secure, and reliable document management within a company as well as for the implementation of digital business processes. With features for Enterprise Content Management, Collaboration, Workflow, audit-proof Archiving and Records Management, Fabasoft Folio sustainably increases the competitiveness of companies.

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