Technological and demographic trends are making KM content management and curation more complex. New tools, combined with a business-driven… more »


KM initiatives often lose momentum over time. They can be re-energized through a combination of business focus, content management, and leadership… more »


Compliance can be viewed as a regulatory burden or as a catalyst to gain a deeper understanding of business operations.


Roughly 70 percent of the valuation of public companies today comes from intangible assets. Knowledge workers are creating and discovering new… more »


Every Knowledge Management initiative needs to showcase results and business impact. This demands linking programs and investments directly to… more »


Learnings From the Front Line, by Robert Armacost

Building a Culture of Knowledge Sharing

The most effective organizations are able to replicate successful project team practices at the level of the whole enterprise, by encouraging… more »


Social Collaboration is one of the largest recent trends in Knowledge Management.  Unfortunately, very few organizations have realized the… more »

A Battle Tested Blueprint For Better Decision Making

Understanding the environment you operate in is essential to making good, sound business decisions. Three simple activities can help raise your… more »

Highlighting key insights to make knowledge management more valuable

Many organizations have become disillusioned with their knowledge management initiatives, despite success at gathering large volumes of well-… more »

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