What We Do

Iknow’s benchmarking services highlight the approaches of other organizations that have successfully implemented knowledge management programs with the lessons learned from their experiences. Our benchmarking services assess our clients’ KM strategies, policies, practices, and systems against comparable organizations in their industry sector and against recognized leaders in the KM field to identify performance gaps and opportunities for improvement. 

Our benchmarking services leverage Iknow’s senior consultants’ experience in both KM leadership and consulting roles, together with our growing repository of KM best practices and case studies—both from our own work and from projects reported by others. We constantly stay abreast of new ideas in the KM field by actively searching for and reviewing new resource materials and by attending KM-related meetings, conferences, and trade shows.

We choose the appropriate benchmarks for each client situation, based on factors such as organization size, geographic spread, industry, and stage of KM development. Comparisons are used to show options for KM strategy and operational approaches—with their benefits and risks—in different organizational environments and cultures.


Iknow provides benchmarking results either as a stand-alone report or as part of a larger deliverable, such as a current-state assessment, strategy, or roadmap.

Business Value

Iknow’s benchmarking services benefit greatly from our senior team’s KM leadership and operational experience—we know where to look for the most relevant ideas and insights that can improve our clients’ KM programs and initiatives, and that will work best in practice. Effective benchmarking can significantly accelerate KM strategy development and avoid wasted effort on implementing policies and practices that won’t translate well to a different organizational setting.

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