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iManage is the leading provider of work product management solutions for law firms, corporate legal departments, and other professional services firms such as accounting and financial services.

iManage helps these firms serve their clients more effectively by improving productivity and governance throughout the creation, sharing, and security of work product. iManage is the comprehensive, integrated and reliable solution, trusted every day by over 3,000 organizations and one million professionals worldwide.

Product Overview

iManage RAVN Extract

iManage RAVN Extract, powered by the award-winning RAVN AI technology, automatically reads, extracts and interprets critical business information from large volumes of documents and unstructured data. When used with iManage RAVN Classify, iManage RAVN Extract can organize large document sets into specific categories or clusters to expedite the review process.

Adopting a modular approach, the different business solutions plug in on top of iManage RAVN allowing all types of organizations to increase efficiencies, increase productivity and mitigate risk.iManage RAVN Extract leverages the single iManage RAVN AI engine and search index and provides capabilities for advanced integration between iManage applications.

iManage Records Manager

iManage Records Manager, an industry leading product with over 500,000 users, provides a central interface with advanced capabilities to manage both physical and electronic records. Administrators can set governance policies, including trigger events, retention periods and disposition rules, as well monitor and enforce compliance on both records and non-records without introducing burden or overhead for today’s busy professional user.

iManage RAVN

iManage RAVN is a unique content engine that harnesses the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning to gain new insights and automate routine cognitive tasks. This revolutionary engine can automatically classify, find, extract and predict information from large volumes of unstructured data sets and documents enabling professionals to access the right information at the right time.

iManage RAVN automatically understands the structure of your document, can cluster data based on similar search terms, and extract and analyze key information from large volumes of data. Advanced enterprise search capabilities link knowledge assets to personnel via an integrated dashboard and professionals can train the engine to read documents and extract valuable KPIs. iManage RAVN delivers new forms of cost reduction and competitive advantage to your organization.

  • iManage RAVN Classify - Intelligently understand and classify organization content.
  • iManage RAVN Extract - Automatically read, interpret, and extract key information from documents.
  • iManage RAVN Insight - Advanced enterprise search and expertise identification.
iManage Work 10

iManage combines emails and documents into a single project file for matter centric collaboration. Professionals can manage emails and documents side by side with other work product, improving productivity and saving valuable billable time. Seamless integration with Microsoft Office 365, MS Outlook, Gmail and Lotus Notes makes emails that are typically isolated in individual in-boxes part of a searchable, shared and governed engagement file. Based on user learned behavior, iManage can suggest locations and devices for filing emails as well as automatically file emails based on conversations. Integration with other leading productivity tools including Adobe Acrobat and Microsoft SharePoint, further extends the productivity benefits of iManage.

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