Project and Program Management


Project management covers the activities involved with organizing, planning, staffing, directing and controlling projects to bring about the successful completion of specific project-related goals and objectives. Program management and portfolio management is the activity of organizing and planning across a set or group of projects and includes activities such as project evaluation, resource allocation, and portfolio optimization. The primary challenge of project management is to achieve the project goals and objectives while working within constraints, such as scope, timeline, and budget. The secondary challenge is to optimize the allocation and use of resources to meet the objectives.

Project and program management software is widely used across all industries and business functions. Some of the important functionality in project management applications includes estimation and planning, scheduling, cost control and budget management, resource allocation, collaboration, communication, quality management and documentation or administration systems, which are used to deal with the complexity of large projects.

Business Value

Companies have only limited resources for each goal, and need to reach their goals within cost and schedule constraints. With program and project management, companies gain much greater visibility on the status of projects allowing them to identify problems earlier. When problems are identified earlier, decisions can be made that change the process, end the project, or account for the problem. The identification can create more accurate and robust forecasts, and manage and optimize resources across the project portfolio.

Iknow has deep expertise in all aspects of project and program management, from initial requirements gathering, to understanding institutional decision making, to customizing software to allow for cost-cutting measures, to system deployment. Iknow’s experience in case and business process management helps with project and program management because each can be combined depending upon the needs of the project. Iknow has experience in analyzing and designing project management system of all sizes, from creating a system that can be customized for each project, to designing a process for each project to follow.

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