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Web Content Management for Complex Websites and Portals

An enterprise portal, also known as an enterprise information portal (EIP) or corporate portal, is a framework for integrating information, people and processes for individuals within an organization. Enterprise portals provide a single point of entry and access, often in the form of a web-based user interface, and are designed to aggregate and personalize information through application-specific portlets. Portals typically combine a content management system, access to commonly used applications and tools, and links to related information sources.

Business Value

Portals provide numerous sources of business value. Their primary purpose is to provide convenient, 24/7 access to information. This value can be increased when the portal supports customization and personalization for the user, as then the user can have information pushed to them, rather than having to search. When core business applications are integrated with the portal, companies can realize significant reductions in costs and process cycle times, and employees can have access to multiple applications at once enabling higher quality work. When combined with the tools of enterprise social media, the portal can become a meeting ground for information exchanges between groups in disparate locations.

Content intensive websites are powerful tools of communication with customers and external stakeholders. The value comes from the ease of information being shared, and so these websites need to be built with solid taxonomies, search functionality, and content management solutions. With the introduction of a large number of open source solutions, the cost of building content intensive and interactive websites has gone down considerably.

Iknow has deep experience with all aspects of managing an enterprise portal project, from initial requirements gathering, to creating user groups, to integration with other applications and databases, to roll out and adoption. The power of an enterprise portal is its integration with other systems and data sources; Iknow’s experience in the fields of taxonomy, ontology, and data cleansing allow us to ensure that the information given by these applications, including enterprise search, business intelligence, and business process management, are of the highest quality.

Iknow also has deep expertise in building external websites upon web content management systems. Iknow primarily works using Drupal to create and develop world-class websites. Iknow uses Drupal to integrate content intensive solutions such as customized search engines, external document management systems, and integrated with access to enterprise portals, as well as other internal databases.

Product Landscape

The web content management product landscape is complex and includes the following products. Iknow can help you evaluate and select the right software product to help you achieve your business objectives.

Enterprise Social Networking and Community Management

As social media has been adopted by the general public, it has also been adopted by enterprises for internal use. In this context, social media creates a community of information sharing and allows for collaboration across the organization. Enterprise social media can involve wikis, tags, and links grouping users and content. For example, a group of software engineers in a company can tag an important research report, looked at by a vice president, and a conversation begins around the article. The major goal of Enterprise social media is to provide rapid and agile collaboration.

Business Value

The value of enterprise social media comes from the speed of ideas being shared. Innovation and creative problem solving come from open exchanges between people, and enterprise social media creates networks in which an enterprise can help employees to focus on these tasks as goals and part of company culture. Enterprise social media can also be used to disperse knowledge throughout a company and speed the transfer and adoption of best practices or new protocol.

Iknow has deep experience in managing social technology projects from gathering initial requirements, to creation of authoring tools, to design of interactive web content, to connection with various social networking sites, to design of user interface, to ensuring a smooth rollout and a to customization and deployment of software. Social technology software can be combined with tools such as enterprise content management, customer relations management, social media monitoring, and enterprise capture.

Iknow has completed a number of projects in both public and enterprise social media, from helping an organization roll out a new social networking strategy for understanding problems with their products, to using wikis in a company to gather requirements for creating taxonomy, and continuing the discussion as it was being built.

Expertise Profiling/Expertise Networks

Expertise profiling is the collection and storage of the backgrounds, experiences and expertise of individuals with relevant knowledge. Expert directories typically list an individual’s name, title, and contact information as well as a comprehensive profile or professional biography. Expert directories allow project teams, work groups, departments, communities, and employees across the enterprise to find the expertise resident in their organizations. Often, expert directories include experts from external sources.

Business Value

Business value from expertise profiling is achieved from having immediate and direct access to available expertise. When employees are confronted with a new or difficult assignment, they spend much time hunting for information by sending numerous e-mails, making phone calls, searching their intranet, and using their own personal network to find a suitable expert. Even after all this effort, the employee often fails to find someone with the necessary expertise or solution. Without being able to leverage this expertise, the employee will then start from scratch, leading to longer cycle times for completing tasks and activities and duplicate and redundant work. Expertise profiles improve the quality and speed of execution by increasing cross-silo communication, reducing re-work, and shortening employee ramp-up. Access to internal and external experts through a searchable directory improves a company's performance through faster cycle times, increased efficiency, and better decision making.

Iknow has deep expertise in managing all aspects of expertise profiling systems from initial requirements gathering, to finding experts in an organization, to understanding the use of experts in an organization, to system customization and deployment. Iknow’s experience in enterprise search and community management allows us to find the hidden experts in an organization, and to help you to find them once we do. We have completed expertise profiling projects of all sizes, including designing systems that combine expertise profiling with document management to attach documents to their creators.

Collaboration Tools

Collaboration is broadly defined as two or more people working together to solve a particular problem or to achieve a common objective. Collaboration software allows people who are geographically separate to work together in a virtual environment, to exchange insights, create joint documents, and complete work together.

Business Value

Collaboration environments provide more than just a better way of working together, sharing ideas, and resolving work-related problems. Virtual collaborative environments increase productivity, shorten process cycle times, and reduce travel and meeting costs. Additionally, if the knowledge of a team or group is made available to others, then the organization also benefits from content reuse, sharing of best practices and the lessons learned from previous employees. All parts of a collaboration software system can be enhanced by enterprise search, enterprise content management, and digital asset management.

Iknow has deep expertise in managing all phases of collaboration projects, from initial requirements gathering through system design, customization, and deployment. We have addressed and solved a variety of collaboration issues, including identifying business needs of product teams, project teams, and functional groups; prioritizing desired software functionality; conducting software product assessments; implementing the collaboration software; configuring access control and identity management; and resolving security issues.

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