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Sydney, New South Wales

Founded in 1998, Squiz is now a global technology company with around 500 employees across the globe in places like Sydney, New York, Edinburgh, London and Melbourne.

Areas of specialties are: Digital Transformation, Digital Strategy, SugarCRM, On-Site Search, Marketo, CX, Innovation, Matrix CMS, UX, Design, Websites, Digital Workplace, Intranets, Marketing Automation, CRM, Enterprise Search, Funnelback, Ikabo, and CMS. These include Transformation, XD, Strategy, Content, Build, Optimisation, Support and Training.

Product Overview


SquizMatrix CMS is designed to help you transform complex content into a series of seamless, personalized applications and services that create meaningful user interactions - across multiple devices and use cases. SquizMatrix enables multiple teams to publish and share content across a broad portfolio of sites and services - all within managed workflows.

Matrix handles multilingual content, translation workflow and integrates with a wide variety of API-based translation services.


Powered by machine learning and advanced algorithms, funnelback enables users to get to the content they need, fast - by unifying disparate content sources into a single, seamless discovery and publishing process..

funnelback Promotes key content with a set of manufactured search results that appear when triggered by a search phrase or keyword.

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