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New York, New York

Sisense is a business analytics software company. Its business intelligence product includes both a back-end powered by in-chip technology that enables non-technical users to join and analyze large data sets from multiple sources, and a front-end for creating visualizations, like dashboards and reports, on any device, including mobile.

Product Overview

Sisense Enterprise BI

Real-Time Business Intelligence is the use of analytics and other data processing tools to have access to the most recent, relevant data and visualizations.

Sisense Enterprise BI is an enterprise-class data platform built to handle large volumes of users and queries.

To provide real-time data, Sisense Enterprise BI uses smart data storage solutions such as Redshift data warehouses, visualizations, and ad hoc analytics tools to provide a combination of server-less analytics (where data is transmitted directly to a dashboard or visualization) and data warehouses.

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