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Reston, VA

Clarabridge is an American software company founded in 2006 in Reston, Virginia; it was spun out from business intelligence consultancy Claraview.

Clarabridge offers software as a service products for sentiment analysis and text analytics to automatically collect, categorize and report on structured data and unstructured data. The data typically used for analysis comes from social media (such as Facebook, Twitter, or review sites), call center notes, email, chats, and surveys. Using natural language processing and other patented technology, the software is used in voice of the customer, customer experience management and customer feedback programs.

Product Overview

Clarabridge CX Analytics

CX Analytics is the backbone of the world’s most complex Customer Experience Management Programs, providing the industry’s most accurate Natural Language Processing (NLP), sentiment and data categorization, making issues transparent—and next steps clear.

Smart filtering, routing, and front-line response capabilities empower teams to quickly acknowledge and engage with the customer as a person, transform negative feedback, amplify positive feedback, and influence the conversation. Analyze agent notes, employee feedback, and other call center sources including to improve efficiency and provide agent coaching.

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