Solution Design, Development, Implementation, and Integration

Iknow defines KM solutions as technology deployments that involve one or more software products, data and application integration, and potentially custom software development.

Iknow offers a full range of solution design, development, implementation, and integration services that cover a wide variety of verticals and business domains. We can assist you across any and all stages of the software development lifecycle—from conceptualization, business analysis, and prototyping to development and deployment of a complete solution. Three of our solution services are:

Business Value

An aesthetically pleasing and functionally rich KM solution will lead to overall project success and to satisfied end users, thus helping to achieve the project’s goals and the desired financial returns.


Iknow’s deliverables include a detailed solution development plan and a fully designed, implemented, and tested knowledge management solution.

Technology Evaluation, Selection, and Pilots

Iknow is an expert at identifying, evaluating, and selecting technologies that enable your knowledge management strategy. We have experience evaluating the tradeoffs between the business and technical requirements, the current and planned technology infrastructure, financial budgets, and the seemingly unlimited claims made by software product vendors. We have in-depth experience implementing commercial software products, open-source products, and custom-developed applications in both on-premises and cloud-hosted environments.

Business Value

The technical elements are often the key enablers of a knowledge management solution. Selecting the right technology is often a key factor for success; selecting the wrong technology could cause the project to fail. Therefore, the evaluation and selection of the most appropriate technical solution can have a major influence in the initiative’s business impact.


Iknow’s deliverables typically include detailed technology recommendations and the supporting justification, which could include the results from a pilot or proof-of-concept. If we are engaged to help procure one or more software products, then our deliverables are fully negotiated contracts with one or more product vendors.

Technical Requirements Collection and Confirmation

Technology projects are complex. Technical requirements collection is initiated after the business need is first identified and can be done simultaneously with, or following, the collection and confirmation of the business requirements. Requirements refinement often continues after the project is approved.

Business Value

The technical requirements document is the foundation for supporting investments in KM-related software products. The quality, accuracy, clarity, and completeness of the technical requirements will directly impact the project’s overall level of effort, development time, and cost.


Iknow will produce a comprehensive technical requirements document that lists and explains the desired technical requirements. Our technical requirements documents follow industry best practices and formats for technical writing, illustration, and documentation.

Current-State KM Technology Assessment

A current-state assessment of the existing knowledge management-related IT infrastructure can be done as a stand-alone project or as part of a broader KM current-state assessment. Understanding the existing technologies and tools is necessary because they play a critical role in enabling the core KM processes.

Business Value

Having a detailed understanding of the existing technology infrastructure is vital when launching any type of system enhancement or installing one or more new software products. The Current-State KM Technology Assessment provides a snapshot of the installed IT functionality and capabilities. It also summarizes the values of relevant performance metrics, which often serve as baselines to measure future improvements and ROI.


The output is a current-state technology infrastructure assessment document or report.

Knowledge-Enabled Process Design

Organizations create value through the successful execution of their core business processes. Business strategy dictates which business processes are key. Some companies choose to compete on cost so they focus on supply chain and operational efficiencies. Others compete on service, so responsive customer care is essential. In all cases, repeatable core business processes is what creates value.

Business Value

Taking a company’s knowledge management processes and rebuilding them from the ground up can create substantial improvements in information sharing, team-building, and business value.


Iknow’s deliverables often include:

  • Business process maps and decision logic
  • Analysis of process-related data and information sources
  • Process redesign recommendations
  • Future-state process redesign
  • Business process prototypes and pilots
  • Design, development, and implementation of supporting knowledge-enabling technologies
  • Business process policies, procedures, and related documentation.

Business Decision Analysis, Mapping, and Documentation

Decision analysis helps organizations improve the quality, speed, and accountability of its decisions and includes a variety of procedures, methods, and tools for identifying, clearly representing, and formally assessing the important inputs and steps to decision making.

Business Value

The importance of business decision analysis and mapping cannot be overstated. At each level of an organization, hundreds of decisions are made daily. If the organization has defined processes and access to the necessary data inputs, then the company has a distinct edge over its competitors.


Iknow’s deliverables include:

  • Decision maps and qualitative analysis of the decision process
  • New decision-making processes and roles
  • Change Management plans to support changes in processes and roles

Communities and Social Networking

Communities are groups in an organization, spanning beyond a single group or department, who come together for a shared business purpose. Not necessarily tied to a business process or an organizational structure, communities are often created around a specific topic area where knowledge and expertise exist across the organization, and serve as a forum for community members to interact with other members. Communities can provide the forum for a wide range of business activities, such as information sharing, problem solving, idea generation, and training.

Business Value

Successful communities have the potential to drive process improvements, lower costs, improve quality, and create more engaged employees. Communities are a central contributor of knowledge sharing and “smarter working” in any organization.


Iknow’s typical deliverables include:

  • Community business case
  • Community strategy “blueprint”
  • Technology plan, tool selection, and tool implementation
  • Pilot community launch and feedback/learnings
  • Full community planning, “start-up toolkit,” and implementation.


Various case studies have shown that much of the business value from knowledge management comes from stronger “people-to-people” collaboration. While document and content repositories still play an important role in most knowledge management initiatives, shorter business process cycle times and the shorter “shelf life” of information drive the need for more rapid (and even spontaneous) human interactions.

Business Value

A successful social collaboration initiative has the potential to dramatically improve the efficiency and quality of work, accelerate innovation and new business generation, and build stronger employee engagement.


Iknow helps our clients across all aspects of a social collaboration initiative, including:

  • Use cases and the business case for social collaboration
  • Proofs-of-concepts to capture tangible testimonials and success stories
  • Software product selection, installation, and configuration
  • Governance roles and process
  • A cultural change management program
  • Metrics and reporting
  • Social collaboration program renewal.

Expertise Location

A common goal for any knowledge-based organization is to provide people with an easy ability to find others with relevant experience, skills, or knowledge (expertise) when needed. Delivering this in an efficient manner, enabled with appropriate technology, is an objective for most organizations. This capability is vital for such tasks as solving urgent problems and staffing new projects.

Business Value

Faster decision making, problem solving, and innovation; More productive teams; Stronger employee engagement and affiliation; Faster revenue growth and lower costs.


Iknow’s primary deliverables are typically:

  • Business and requirements documents for people information and expertise location
  • Technology strategy, product selection, and product development/configuration
  • Business process design related to the review and approval of the content published in the staff profiles
  • Organizational change management plan to support program implementation

Knowledge Capture and Representation

Knowledge capture is the process of gathering, collecting, and codifying an organization’s knowledge and know-how so that it can be stored, shared, reused, and leveraged. With the increasing importance of intellectual assets relative to physical and financial assets, most organizations have begun to actively focus on managing their knowledge capital.

Business Value

Knowledge capture and representation processes are often the highest value-added activities in a broad knowledge management program because core business process maps, critical business rules and decision logic, lessons learned, and other types of operational expertise held by a small number of internal experts tend to be the organization’s key knowledge assets.


Iknow provides recommendations on the optimal approaches for capturing different kinds of knowledge and on the best way to represent the knowledge for long-term preservation. We can also recommend technology solutions to facilitate knowledge capture and ensure that it’s accomplished as efficiently and cost effectively as possible.

Iknow can organize, facilitate, and lead knowledge capture and representation initiatives and deliver well-designed and complete knowledge bases.