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Because much of an organization’s knowledge is codified in the form of content, the content strategy is a core element of any good knowledge management program. The business goal of a content strategy is to put the right content into the hands of the right people to help them make better decisions and work more effectively.

Driving business value from content management requires an explicit content strategy, which serves as the blueprint for guiding what content should be created, captured, and shared; where this content is used and by whom; and how the content should be made available to users. Unfortunately, many organizations do not develop an adequate approach for managing content, which results in knowledge initiatives that do not meet the needs of the organization.

Iknow’s Content Strategy Development services help organizations by creating a pragmatic and customized content strategy—either alone or as part of a more comprehensive knowledge management program. Usually as a follow-on to the Content Audit, the Content Strategy defines the overall vision for managing enterprise content and is the starting point for detailed content-related activities such as policies/procedures, content sanitization, content lifecycle management, and taxonomies.

The content strategy typically addresses these points:

  • For each target audience/user group, the specific types of content that should be captured, shared, and used by others
  • For each type of content, a plan for where that content is created, its ownership, and a set of targets for both content quality, freshness, and quantity
  • A vision for how each type of content would be used, for what benefit, and by whom
  • Preliminary requirements for things such as content review/approval, security, archiving, and classifications.

Iknow’s primary deliverable is a content-strategy document. Depending on the project scope, it could include a detailed roadmap for content-related improvements and preliminary requirements for items such as content review/approval processes, classification, archiving, and security.

Iknow also offers assistance for implementing a content strategy.

Business Value

A content strategy is essential for successfully managing an organization’s content. Without a clearly defined content strategy, the organization will likely end up with content silos, ineffective search, and limited knowledge sharing.

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