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Modena, Italy

Expert System develops cognitive computing and text analytics software based on artificial intelligence algorithms able to understand the meaning of written language the way people do.

Traditional technologies treat the text as a sequence of characters, count word frequency, or require that you manage lists of words to eventually train a matching system, placing the burden on the customer to constantly manage the system. Cogito, on the other hand, is a cognitive technology leverages both artificial intelligence based on semantics and machine learning to understand the text in a way that mimics human comprehension of information.

This ensures that your systems and processes that depend on text can leverage cognitive intelligence to capture all of the information presents in the content, at scale and without sacrificing precision.

Product Overview

Cogito Discover

Cogito Discover is a powerful and scalable semantic content enrichment, categorization, entity extraction and text analytics software that recognizes and identifies relevant items of information hidden in text and enriches document metadata.

This cognitive software leverages full comprehension of what is contained in your knowledge base to ensure that the content of unstructured information is available for insight for strategic and operational analysis and is easily findable in your knowledge management, information intelligence and process automation applications.

It reads the content, understands the context, concepts, entities and relationships within, and it comprehends what is contained in content much the way a person would.


Cogito insight

Cogito leverages Artificial Intelligence to effectively manage unstructured information, and it allows organizations to extract and analyze knowledge, supporting and improving decision-making processes.

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