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Founded on September 19, 1991, Prognoz is an international IT company and one of the top Russian vendors of Business Intelligence systems for data management, monitoring, analysis, and modeling and forecasting for greater clarity and improved efficiency in data management.

From dashboards and reporting to time-series analysis, modeling and forecasting, Prognoz helps top managers, business analysts and other experts tackle big data and harness the information needed to make better decisions, predict future opportunities and take strategic actions.

Product Overview

Prognoz Platform

The Prognoz Platform is a BI platform designed to develop high-tech business applications on a turnkey basis. The platform has a broad range of tools for creating desktop, Web-based, and mobile applications for data visualization, OLAP, reporting, and modeling and forecasting of business processes.

The platform supports market demands for Business Intelligence, such as advanced analytics capabilities, high performance, an intuitive interface, and end-user-oriented tools through a system of cloud services, integration with Microsoft Office, social media, and geographic information systems.

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