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BA Insight's Software Portfolio makes search intelligent by connecting machine learning, cognitive computing, and enterprise systems to help you power a new generation of intranets and AI-driven search solutions.

Product Overview


BA Insight’s AutoClassifier has been integrated with best of breed AI capabilities from Microsoft and Google and uses text analytics, natural language processing and AI/machine learning to create metadata.

Automatically generated metadata provides the detailed tagging and categorization of enterprise content that is required to deliver quality search results and experiences.

You can solve the trickiest problems most demanding scenarios; modify content, metadata, and mappings in any way desired, and combine multiple metadata fields together using scripting.

AutoClassifier is designed from the ground up to support the processing of documents stored in many core enterprise systems and can be extended to store the created metadata within that system.

Connect to external systems or processes and enrich content by adding relevant metadata and/or normalizing terms.

Smart Previews

Smart Previews boosts productivity by helping users quickly find what they seek, explore inside documents and attachments, identify content to re-use, and automatically assemble it into new documents. Users can search inside or navigate using a dynamic hit-map to rapidly evaluate content for relevance and locate information deep inside documents.

For example, users can create Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, PDFs, Excel manifests, and ZIP fields using search derived content while preserving images and native formatting and maintaining references to the original source content.

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