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SRC LLC, the predecessor to Alteryx, was founded on January 1, 1997. SRC developed the first online data engine for delivering demographic-based mapping and reporting through data science and analytics, offering an end-to-end analytics platform.

In 1998, SRC released Allocate, a data engine incorporating geographically organized U.S. Census data that allows users to manipulate, analyze and map data. Another product, Solocast, was developed in 1998, which was software that allowed customers to do customer segmentation analysis.

In 2000, SRC LLC entered into a contract with the U.S. Census Bureau that resulted in a modified version of its Allocate software being included on CD-ROMs of Census Data sold by the Bureau. In 2006, the software product Alteryx was released, which was a unified spatial and non-spatial data environment for building analytical processes and applications.

In 2010, SRC LLC changed its name to that of its core product, Alteryx.

Product Overview

Alteryx Designer

Alteryx Designer empowers data analysts by combining data preparation, data blending.

Analyze data with over 60 pre-built tools for predictive, statistical, and spatial – including internal, third-party, and cloud-based data, with no programming required. With repeatable workflows that deliver the self-service data analytics capabilities required for predictive analytics, analysts can create models with drag-and-drop tools.

Alteryx makes spatial analytics scale by providing a repeatable workflow that includes location data blending and advanced spatial analytics. Prep and blend the full range of sources needed for spatial analytics from Alteryx spatial packaged data options to flat files, to ESRI, to Big Data.

Share insights through reports, analytic apps or visualizations in Qlik, Tableau, and Microsoft Power BI

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