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Everteam brings 25 years of experience and innovation to the field of Enterprise Content Management. In an ever increasing legal and compliance environment, Everteam enables enterprises to build and manage content-driven processes that support a range of business opportunities.

Everteam headquarters are in Europe (Paris), the United States (Boston), the Middle East (Beirut), and India (Bangalore).

Iknow partners with Everteam on projects in the United States and Canada.

Product Overview

Enterprise Data Integration

Enterprises nowadays depend heavily on the development of their IT departments in handling their information systems. Business operations on the other hand involve information processing, accessing, or sharing, causing a significant challenge in terms of time and resources.

To handle this overload of data produced by various departments, and requiring a high level of organization and transformation, rapid data integration through advanced tools and platforms, has become a must.

Everteam Data Integration Services (DIS) is an Enterprise Data Integration System that facilitates data movement from its source to a specified destination in a streamlined and automated, real-time or batch approach while undergoing a set of Extraction, Transformation and Load (ETL) operations to meet the desired outcomes.

Intelligent Data Capture Software

Advanced data management tools are needed to collect, cleanse, convert, segment, code and consolidate content data from disparate content sources for a centralized aggregated “Big Data” ready for analysis. Everteam Intelligent Data Capture Software cover all incoming content in a mixed manner: automated for bulk ingestion of content and interactive for on-demand capture. Three types of tools are needed for the Data Ingestion phase:

  • Bulk Imports: to import data and files from databases and file systems.
  • Form Management: to build form based processes for the interactive capture of data and documents.
  • Capture Processes: to build system based processes for the automated capture and validation of data and documents.
Process and Workflow automation

Everteam process is a Business Process Automation Software that can utilize the data and processes in your existing systems, orchestrate and automate these systems’ interactions and processes, and expose the results to your business applications, web portals, and mobile applications.

Featuring an intuitive and powerful visual designer and a reliable high-performance process execution server. The system seamlessly handles complex processes, provides real-time analytics and monitoring, and integrates social and mobile technologies.

Digital Assets Management

Everteam media is a comprehensive and  automated solution that handles the challenging tasks of media assets creation, publishing, organization, management and archiving. It provides an integrated environment that engages stakeholders, empowers media content and reduces risks. Everteam Digital Assets Management System is capable of creating both media data and collections by organizing and classifying various types of digital assets. It allows users to effectively find, restore, share, and archive assets while providing advanced and sophisticated search tool which allows users to find media in an accurate -yet simple- way, using keywords, filters, and comprehensive sorting features.

Electronic Records Management

Managing records effectively is about reducing risk, ensuring compliance, and saving money.

Everteam Electronic Records Management Software, known as Everteam records, can capture, manage, and provide access to all the records in your organization. The result is one repository with a single point of entry to search all your records, whether they are in a database, files on a shared drive, documents in your content management system, messages in your mail system, or even paper files in boxes.

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