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Alfresco Software, Inc. provides enterprise content management (ECM) and business process management (BPM) solutions that enable customers to manage, share, and retain documents and files across cloud, mobile, hybrid, and on-premise environments. Alfresco was founded in 2005.

Alfresco’s primary software offering, the Alfresco Digital Business Platform, is a proprietary and commercially licensed software platform built on open source technologies and supports open standards. Alfresco also offers the free Community Edition under the GNU Lesser General Public License, Version 3 (LGPLv3).

Alfresco’s software powers the work of over 11 million people at more than 1,300 organizations in 195 countries worldwide. Alfresco has over a 92% customer renewal rate.

Alfresco spends a significant amount of revenue on product development. Additionally, the Alfresco community has over 30,000 members around the globe enhancing the platform

Alfresco relies on an active business partner ecosystem that provides software sales, consulting, and systems integration services. More than 80% of Alfresco’s software sales in North America are completed through partners.

Iknow is an Alfresco Strategic Systems Integration Partner.

Product Overview

Alfresco Governance Services

Alfresco Governance Services brings an unmatched combination of simplicity and control to information governance. It strengthens compliance by seamlessly integrating records management into business processes and automating the complete record lifecycle—from capture through retention to final destruction.

Alfresco offers the only DoD 5015.02 certified open source records management solution offering a highly scalable repository which manages business content and corporate records of any type, including electronic documents, images, e-mails, videos and physical records.

Alfresco Digital Business Platform

The Alfresco Digital Business Platform consists of three core groups of functionalities: Alfresco Content Services, Alfresco Process Services, and Alfresco Governance Services. 

  • Content Services. Comprehensive Enterprise Content Management (ECM) capabilities allow users to find, view, collaborate on and securely share digital content, both within and outside enterprise boundaries. Business rules, actions and rich metadata “intelligently activate” content so that information flows to the right person at the right time.
  • Process Services. High-performance Business Process Management (BPM) capabilities enable organizations to digitize and streamline a wide range of business processes. Visual process design, decision tables and process analytics make it easy for business users to quickly define and refine processes as operational needs change.
  • Governance Services. Rich information governance capabilities integrate compliance seamlessly into the flow of business. Automated records management and auditable process histories strengthen compliance and reduce corporate risk. The Alfresco Platform is the only open source records management solution that is DoD 5015.02 certified.
  • Application Development Framework. Using modern UX and UI technologies the Application Development Framework provides a rapid, unified experience for building business solutions that use the Alfresco Platform’s tightly integrated process, content and governance services. These modern UX/UI technologies, including Angular Material Design and pre-built Angular components and services, allow IT to develop applications quickly and iteratively. Users have a consistent, engaging experience across mobile, web and desktop whether they’re using an Alfresco module or a custom application.
  • Integrations and Extensions. Integrations with leading applications—including Microsoft Office, Google Drive, Salesforce and SAP—ensure that content is accessible within the context of core business systems and processes. A wide range of extensions and open REST APIs provide the flexibility to add more capabilities for specific business needs.

The Alfresco Digital Business Platform is designed for business-critical applications in a production environment. The Alfresco Digital Business Platform offers enterprise-grade scalability, performance, and support.

Alfresco Content Services

Enterprise-class full featured ECM for production environments:

  • High availability, highly customizable with simplified administration.
  • Hybrid-cloud with selective content-sync to Alfresco Content Services in the Cloud.
  • Fully modular with optional Governance Services, content encryption, analytics, media management and more.

Ideal for organizations that require enterprise-grade scalability, performance and 24X7 support for business-critical content and compliance.

Alfresco Process Services

Alfresco Process Services is an enterprise Business Process Management (BPM) solution targeted at business people and developers. At its core is a high performance open-source business process engine based on Activiti with the flexibility and scalability to handle a wide variety of critical processes. Alfresco Process Services provides a powerful suite of end user tools and integrates with a range of enterprise systems, including Alfresco Content Services, Box and Google Drive.

Alfresco Community Edition

Alfresco Community Edition is an open source ECM platform. The Community Edition offers a small subset of the content management functionality in Alfresco Content Services and Alfresco Governance Services, and none of the functionality in Alfresco Process Services.

The Community Edition is intended for use in non-production environments that don’t require the advanced features found in the Alfresco Digital Business Platform. The Alfresco Community Edition:

  • Runs on an open source stack only.
  • Community developed add-ons are available, but not supported by Alfresco.
  • Wiki and forums-based self-support only; no Alfresco or certified partner support is available.
  • Limited scalability and performance.

Alfresco Community Edition encourages community-driven development and accepts code contributions from developers. It also serves as a research vehicle for new features.

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