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Reston, VA

Launched in 2014, Zoomdata holds multiple patents related to streaming data delivery and interactivity. Zoomdata markets a data visualization and analytics tool to explore and analyze data via a patent the company holds around “Data Sharpening".

The approach involves returning the results of a query that is run instantly, while the image ‘sharpens’ and becomes clearer as more data is processed. The product includes a connector studio that directly connects to database, search, streaming, flat file and in-memory data sources.

Product Overview

Self-Service BI

Zoomdata supports a wide spectrum of data visualization for business intelligence -- from exploratory data analysis and dashboarding to embedded visual analytics. Exploratory data analysis helps analysts navigate data without a specific question in mind, formulate hypotheses and discover what the data can tell them. Dashboarding and reporting frames and communicates operational insight, such as KPIs and predictive metrics.

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