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Chantilly, Virginia

Founded in 1996, NetOwl is a suite of multilingual text and entity analytics products by Northern Virginia-based SRA International, Inc., a CSRA company.

Product Overview

NetOwl Extractor

NetOwl Extractor offers highly accurate, fast, and scalable entity extraction in multiple languages using AI-based natural language processing and machine learning technologies. NetOwl's entity extraction software can be deployed on premises or in the cloud, enabling a variety of Big Data Text Analytics applications using AI-based natural language processing technologies.

NetOwl’s sentiment analysis goes far beyond traditional sentiment analysis where “positive” or “negative” sentiment is assigned at the document or sentence level.  NetOwl recognizes the multiple, sometimes conflicting, sentiments about entities that may exist within a single document.


NetOwl EntityMatcher

NetOwl EntityMatcher provides accurate, fast, and scalable identity resolution based not only on similarities of the entity names but also other key entity attributes such as date of birth, place of birth, address, and nationality. Identity resolution can also be based on social network information such as employer, spouse, associate, etc.

NetOwl NameMatcher

NetOwl NameMatcher, the winner of the MITRE Multicultural Name Matching Challenge, offers the most accurate, fast, scalable, cross-lingual name matching available.  Using a revolutionary machine learning-based approach, NetOwl addresses complex name matching challenges.

NetOwl TextMiner

TextMiner leverages all aspects of NetOwl capabilities and is ideal for supporting “what if” analysis, discovery, quick response investigation, and detailed research.

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