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Logi Analytics, formerly LogiXML, was founded in 2000 by Arman Eshraghi, a software development and architecture professional. The company claims its mission is "to provide the benefits of traditional business intelligence to small- and mid-sized organizations".

In 2000, Logi Analytics developed LGX AppDev, an XML-based engine that built Web applications and evolved to address the specific task of report-building for BI. In October 2017, Logi Analytics was acquired by Marlin Equity Partners, a global investment firm.

Logi Analytics are of specialties are: Embedded Business Intelligence, Embedded Analytics, Dashboards and Reporting, Operational Displays, Self-service BI, Mobile BI, Bi-directional BI, Web portals, Data Discovery, and Dashboard Design

Product Overview

Logi Analytics Platform

Logi Analytics Platform have intuitive ways to interact and personalize dashboards and reports, select and analyze data from centrally managed and governed data sources, and create and share visualizations and formatted output.

The Logi Analytics Platform can connect to any data source, without the need to build complex data models or ETL. It offers a wide range of self-service analytic capabilities tailored to users needs and roles. Additionally, it boost analytics adoption and provide  security integration, white-labeling, and workflow integration.


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