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Episerver was founded in 1994 in Stockholm, Sweden, by Mikael Runhem. Then known as Elektropost Stockholm AB, the company focused on internet-based electronic mail. Elektropost Stockholm AB expanded to provide technology for building websites and introduced the first version of the EPiServer CMS platform in 1997.

The company combined its software into the Episerver Digital Experience Cloud, and in June 2015, Episerver launched the first major release of its platform following the Ektron merger. In November 2015, the company rebranded itself, changing EPiServer to Episerver, and including the shortened name “Epi”.

Product Overview

Episerver Digital Experience Cloud

The Digital Experience Cloud Software Service includes the Episerver Digital Experience Cloud software platform, a multi-lingual enterprise search engine, a delivery network, web application firewall and managed services.

The service varies by various usage parameters and includes at least one Service Instance serving one codebase in one Region, that can be deployed across a number of Environments for various deployment stages.

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