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Coveo Solutions Inc. is a provider of enterprise search and website search technologies, with integrated plug-ins for, Sitecore CEP, and Microsoft Outlook and SharePoint. APIs also allow for custom integration with other applications. Coveo Solutions Inc. was founded in 2004 as a spin-off of Copernic Technologies Inc.

Iknow has been a partner with Coveo since 2009. We have experience with all of their search applications.

Product Overview

Coveo Website Search

Coveo helps customers and partners locate the products and information they need on any public-facing website or extranet. Coveo indexes structured and unstructured data on websites, as well as relevant intranets, document servers, wikis and social networking platforms. The intuitive Coveo search interface, including advanced SmartFacets, makes the information quickly and easily accessible. Features include:

  • Accurate, relevant results with SmartFacets allows intuitive navigation to locate precise content quickly.
  • Social search capabilities means content ranking is adjusted based on both implicit user behavior and explicit user ratings.
  • Secure, consolidated access to information
  • Searches through structured and unstructured data
Coveo Enterprise Search

The Coveo Enterprise Search (CES) platform provides flexible, scalable and secure Enterprise Search 2.0 capabilities through a number of underlying components that leverage a unified index to enable search and navigation, consolidation, correlation, and analysis of enterprise information from disparate sources.

  • The Unified Index. At the core of the Coveo Platform is the central, Unified Index, which constantly gathers updated information from virtually any enterprise system, behind the firewall or in the cloud. The Index quickly unifies information from existing data sources without requiring data movement or investments in costly integration projects.
  • Interfaces. Coveo interfaces can be configured to meet the information insight needs of any department within your organization. Custom interfaces, designed to meet specific user needs, can easily be developed by leveraging the Coveo Access APIs. Coveo mobile interfaces provide ubiquitous customer information via cutting-edge smartphones and tablet PCs, from virtually any enterprise system, including emails and files from offline PCs.
  • Scalability and Performance. The Coveo Platform meets the most demanding requirements – scaling to more than 50 million documents per server – and returning highly relevant insight in sub-second times. Due to a small, optimized footprint of indexed data, Coveo requires minimal hardware for implementation.

CES version 7.0 with multi-channel text analytics adds high-scale, high performance text analytics to the Coveo's Enterprise Search platform, providing insight from vast amounts of unstructured and structured data, within the enterprise and across social media.

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