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Freiburg, Germany

Averbis GmbH was founded in 2007 as a spin-off from the University Medical Center in Freiburg. Averbis’ product flagship “Averbis Search Platform” is a complete enterprise search platform that provides fast, relevant and scalable search.

It includes advanced semantic services such as multilingual and cross-lingual support, medical stemming and decompounding algorithms and an innovative linguistic core technology named Morpho-Semantic Indexing (MSI).

Averbis develops search technologies and text analytics software for the health care market. It pools the expertise of medical scientist, linguists, and skilled software developers to develop optimized products for a wide range of health care customers, e.g. hospital information systems providers, health portals, medical publishers, and pharmaceutical companies.

Product Overview

Information Discovery

The Text Mining Pipeline contains manifold tools of text analysis for the specific extraction of information from documents. Various data sources from local file systems, databases or from the internet are subject to linguistic and semantic evaluation. By parsing and analyzing content, and creating a searchable index, Information Discovery helps you perform text analytics across all relevant data in the internet and your enterprise and make that data available for analysis and search.

Information Discovery is a leading text analytics and machine learning platform that allows you to get insights in your structured and unstructured data and explore important information in the most flexible way. As a result of the text analysis, a search index is created containing the additionally obtained information, also enabling efficient complex queries and statistics through the data repository.

Information Discovery can be fully customized to meet unique business needs, offering a complete set of open and standard API’s for building rich analytic apps and embedding text analytics into existing solutions.

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