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Atlanta, GA

Founded in 2001, Hannon Hill's flagship products, Cascade CMS and Spectate, enable users to be strategic about content, manage it effectively, and promote it via a variety of channels.

Spectate is an inbound marketing software platform that enable users track, optimize, and measure your company's website, content, and visitors.

Areas of specialties are: Web Content Management, Content Thought Leadership, Higher Education, and Government Web Presence.

Product Overview

Cascade CMS

Cascade CMS allows contributors to stay on top of their pages and keep them up to date. Cascade CMS provides workflows to ensure that content changes are approved by the right people, user permissions to maintain a level of control over all content, and versioning (and audit trails) to easily track change history.

Cascade CMS puts content ownership back into the hands of the subject matter experts - eliminating the IT bottleneck and ensuring content is timely and accurate. New content is quickly and easily created using preset custom page styles that ensure design and brand consistency, while giving website authors the freedom to manage their own content.

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