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Bedford, MA

Founded in 1985, Datawatch is headquartered in Bedford, Massachusetts, with offices in Toronto, New York, London, Stockholm, Singapore and Manila.

Datawatch areas of specialties are: Streaming data, Visual Data Discovery, Report analytics, Data Preparation, Accessing structured, semi-structured & unstructured data, and Big Data.

Additionally, their Business Intelligence applications provide Business Analytics, ETL, Data Mining, Predictive Analytics, Marketing Analytics, Risk Analytics, Sales Analytics, Customer Analytics, Prescriptive Analytics, Data Socialization, Machine Learning, and Data Governance.

Product Overview

Datawatch Monarch Swarm

Datawatch Monarch Swarm is the industry’s first data socialization platform, combining self-service data preparation, data cataloging, data stewardship, automation and governance features with key attributes common to social media platforms.

Break down data siloes, eliminate duplication of work and improve data validity by establishing a dedicated location for individuals across the enterprise to share raw and/or curated data sets, reports, models, workspaces and expertise.

Provide centralized access to data that is created by business experts, governed by data stewards and trusted by the enterprise. It creates a “data utopia” for BI analysts, data scientists and business users that boosts their productivity and speeds decision making.

Data creators are showcased in Swarm, making it easy to recognize and reward individuals who make an impact on organizational insight. Reduce the burden on IT by providing simple, but controlled access to data, models and reports based on pre-defined rules.


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