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Reston, VA

Appian has a strategic focus on providing a low-code platform to rapidly build consistent, secure, mission-critical business applications. As a Leader in both Forrester’s DPA and lowcode Forrester Waves, it is well positioned to help customers on complex process applications while also supporting the efficient automation of a broad range of processes required to drive true digital transformation.

Appian covers most traditional BPM requirements with a combination of native capabilities, including its recently introduced business decision management offering. Preintegrated partner offerings further extend Appian’s features.

All of this, combined with an early commitment to low-code for rapid application development, means Appian is well positioned for taking customers deep and wide in DPA. Appian has positive customer references, particularly in
regard to speed and agility of development.

Product Overview

Business Process Management Suite - BPMS

In the short term, Business Process Management (BPM) helps organizations decrease costs and increase efficiency. This can mean more revenue and growth for companies, as well as increased speed, organization, and efficiency for government agencies.

In the long run, BPM helps create competitive advantage by improving organizational agility. BPM platform technology can make any organization—in the private and public sectors—more efficient, more agile, and more successful, no matter their mission

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